Top 15 Mabati Factories in Kenya

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  1. Mabati Rolling Mills (MRM) is the largest and most influential Mabati factory in Kenya. A subsidiary of the Safal Group, MRM has been a market leader in the roofing industry since 1961, manufacturing world-class roofing materials. The company has invested heavily in cutting-edge technology to ensure efficient production of high-quality iron sheets. Also, MRM is renowned for its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly production processes.
  2. Royal Mabati Factory is another leading Mabati producer in Kenya known for its durable and affordable roofing products. Established in 2005, Royal Mabati Factory has rapidly grown to become a household name in Kenya’s construction industry. They offer a variety of Mabati options ranging from corrugated iron sheets to versatile roofing sheets. Committed to both quality and affordability, Royal Mabati is a one-stop-shop for roofing materials.
  3. The Smart Builders Mabati Factory ranks among the top Mabati factories in Kenya. Renowned for its innovative approach to construction, Smart Builders offers a broad variety of Mabati products to suit different customer needs. They are especially praised for their modern designs, quality of their materials, and excellent customer service. By continuously investing in research, Smart Builders manages to stay at the forefront of the Kenyan Mabati market.
  4. Maisha Mabati Mills, based in Ruiru, is known for high-quality Mabati and great customer care. Founded in 2009, Maisha Mabati is also one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of Mabati in Kenya. Providing roofing solutions for residential, commercial, and educational sectors, Maisha Mabati has established itself as the choice provider for thousands of Kenyans.
  5. Devki Steel Mills, part of Devki Group of Companies, is one of Kenya’s premier Mabati suppliers. Devki Steel Mill’s Mabati products are certified by the Kenya Bureau of Standards, indicating its compliance with set quality standards. Their Mabati products are not only durable and reliable but also affordable, making them a top choice among Kenyan customers.
  6. Panda Mabati Rolling Mills is a distinct Mabati manufacturing factory in Kenya, renowned for its quality and affordable products. Their modern, up-to-date equipment ensures they manufacture superior Mabati that meets the preferences and needs of each client. They have earned their customers’ trust and loyalty by providing reliable after-sale services.
  7. Top Mabati Roofing is another outstanding Mabati manufacturer in Kenya. It focuses on customer satisfaction by offering diversified products tailored to different customer preferences. Their attention to detail and commitment to providing highly durable and long-lasting products contributes to their competitive edge.
  8. Versatile Roofing Systems is a leading player in the Mabati industry in Kenya. It is distinguished by its commitment to providing cost-effective roofing solutions without compromising quality. The company’s innovative use of technology enables them to continually meet and exceed customers’ expectations.
  9. Rhinoroof Mabati Factory is renowned for high-quality Mabati products at competitive prices. Their products are particularly loved for their aesthetic appeal. Rhinoroof Mabati Factory provides an extensive range of Mabati roofing options, making it a favorite choice for many Kenyan homebuilders.
  10. Heritage Mabati Mills, a rising star in the Mabati industry, is rapidly acquiring market share. They offer diverse Mabati products and are known for their remarkable color selection. Heritage Mabati Mills’ mission is to ensure every Kenyan can afford a quality roof over their heads.
  11. Imarisha Mabati Ltd leads the pack through its emphasis on quality and variety. It has earned a top position as a Mabati factory in Kenya through its relentless dedication to crafting quality roofing solutions that cater to a diverse set of needs. Their dediction to customer service has set them apart from other manufacturers.
  12. Rafiki Roofing Mabati, a trusted brand, is known for reliability and longevity. They offer a diverse range of Mabati products manufactured using state-of-the-art technology. Their innovation and eco-friendly production methods have won them acclaim far and wide.
  13. Simba Mabati Factory prides itself on being a trusted Kenya brand with a focus on exceptional quality and excellent customer service. They offer a broad spectrum of Mabati products crafted to withstand harsh weather conditions, making them the go-to brand for many Kenyans.
  14. Super Mabati Factory is known for its strength, durability, and excellent designs. They continuously enhance their production methods and designs, not only to meet but exceed customer expectations. Their reputation in the market is creditable due to their quality roofing products.
  15. Finally, Imani Mabati Factory is another popular factory in Kenya. Their roofing products, which display great quality and an excellent finish, gain favor from clients. With a sharp focus on developing long-lasting relationships with their customers, Imani Mabati has managed to carve a niche for themselves in the Kenyan Mabati industry.

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